Clone the repos:

git clone ~/Sites/xyz.priddle.notes
git clone ~/Sites/xyz.priddle.notes.quartz

Setup Quartz fork for local dev:

cd ~/Sites/xyz.priddle.notes.quartz
git update-index --assume-unchanged content/.gitkeep
rm -rf content
echo '/content' >> .git/info/exclude
ln -s ../xyz.priddle.notes content


.git/info/exclude is like a “local” .gitignore. This way I don’t see the content symlink appear in output from git status in the Quartz project.

Run the dev server:

npx quartz build --serve --port 8888

Pull in changes from jackyzha0/quartz upstream:

cd ~/Sites/xyz.priddle.notes.quartz
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream v4
git checkout v4-josh
git merge --no-ff v4