I upgraded my NAS and setup git on it again. I went a little custom this time around, so I’m documenting it here if I ever need to do it again.

The easy stuff:

  • Enabled user homes
  • Create a vcs user
  • Installed the Git package
  • Open Git Server, give vcs access to it

Then in a terminal:

sudo mkdir -m 0700 /var/services/homes/vcs/.ssh
sudo sh -c "echo 'ssh key' > /var/services/homes/vcs/.ssh/authorized_keys"
sudo chown -R vcs:users /var/services/homes/vcs/.ssh
sudo chmod 600 /var/services/homes/vcs/.ssh/authorized_keys

Create a test repo:

sudo git init --bare -b master /var/services/homes/vcs/test-repo.git
sudo chown -R vcs:users /var/services/homes/vcs/test-repo.git

Test the clone from your local machine:

git clone vcs@synology.local:test-repo.git

I threw together a quick ‘n dirty script to do all this, create-git-repo:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eu
main() {
  local name="${1:-}"
  if [[ -z "$name" ]]; then
    echo "Must specify repo name" >&2
    return 1
  if [[ -r "$REPO_ROOT/$name" ]]; then
    echo "Repo '$name' already exists!" >&2
    return 1
  sudo git init --bare -b master "$REPO_ROOT/$name"
  sudo chown -R "$REPO_UNIX_OWNER:$REPO_UNIX_GROUP" "$REPO_ROOT/$name"
main "$@"

From the NAS, I can run ./create-git-repo new-repo-name, or pass a subpath with ./create-git-repo itspriddle/awesome-project.